Summer in Christmas Season

Last December 19, 2019, the high school department of the SAS LB community held its very first Christmas Ball. The theme for the said event was tropical hence, every student, faculty, and staff wore their best tropical apparel. It was a fun-filled moment since the high school department danced the night away. Intermission numbers were also prepared by each high school level. The recently concluded activity promotes camaraderie among students and teachers as well. Social skills were also exhibited during that night. Truly, learning is not limited inside the four walls of the classroom. We need some fun and games every once in a while.

SAS LB to hold its 3rd Quarter PTC Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) is a quarterly habit for most of the schools and SAS LB will not miss that event. On January 24, 2020, the much awaited one-on-one parent-teacher interaction will be held. Parents will see first-hand the fruits of their child’s labor. It is also a time for the parents to see the learning progress of their offspring. Indeed, parents and teachers must work hand in hand in guiding the younger generation towards a brighter future.