Cultural Affairs

The school’s cultural affairs commits itself to presenting a wide variety of professional performing arts programs and events to the Saint Francis of Assisi College community. Through its activities, a well-balanced non-formal education of culture and the arts are being promoted. SFAC is the home of Las Piñas City’s “Official Dance Troup”, the Gintong Lahi Dance Company (GLDC). SFAC also aims to develop awareness and appreciation  of culture and the arts among its learners and stakeholders by instituting Performing Arts Clubs (PAC) as one of the accredited student organizations.

Disaster and Risk Management
Guidance and Counseling

Guidance and counseling, is one of the student services offered by the school. It directs or provides assistance to someone who needs help. These services and programs promote personal, social, educational and career development offered to students.

Guidance Services

Guidance officer systematically collects, evaluates, and interprets data to identify the characteristics and potential of every learner. All information, data are kept while the student is still at school. It is stored in a cumulative brown envelope.

This service refers to the delivery of information to students in the form of seminars or workshops to enable students to use said information to reasonably guide their choices and actions inside and outside the school.

Counseling Service – refers to professional services provided to an individual who is facing a problem and needs help to overcome the problem. Counseling is considered to be an integral and central part of guidance. Psychological First- Aid (PFA) addresses basic needs and reduces psychological distress by providing a caring comforting presence, and education on common stress reactions.

It empowers the learners by supporting strengths and encouraging existing coping skills. It also provides connections to natural support networks, and referrals to professional services when needed. This service can be provided by a registered guidance counselor, guidance advocate or teachers who undergo training about PFA.

The Placement Service offers facilitations of the learner’s movement to appropriate educational or occupational level or program; entry into the appropriate co- curricular and extra-curricular activities; pursuit of further education or other employment upon leaving the school.

Service- extends the tapping of agencies, organizations, or individuals that may be of better assistance in the learner’s resolution of problems and attainment of full potentials.

Follow- up is the appraisal of how the learners who have been counseled, placed, referred, or provided a guidance service. It is also provided for those learners’ who graduated to determine whether further assistance is necessary.

Offered to the learners to know their strengths and weaknesses in the areas of personality, aptitudes, interests, needs and job skills are assessed using standardized tests. Test results are interpreted to the learners by a psychometrician or registered guidance counselor for self-awareness, growth and development. Test interpretations are also made available in groups.

This service provides whether the guidance services or programs attained their objectives and are meeting the needs of the learners; the personnel have satisfactorily performed their functions; and facilities have been adequate. Evaluation comes also in the form of entrance and exit interviews to incoming and outgoing students of Saint Francis of Assisi College and Saint Anthony School, respectively.

Security and Safety Services


This service aims to provide a secure, safe, and peaceful educational and social environment that is conducive with the employment, learning, and the total well-being of the members of the Franciscan community. SFAC Security and Safety Services include:

  1. Provides 24/7 Campus Security and Safety services.
  2. Implements and enforces school policies, rules, regulations, and procedures pertaining to security and safety such as:
    (a) Personnel access and identification cards for school personnel, students, non-organic personnel, and visitors.
    (b) Vehicular control and access.
    (c) Mobility of materials, equipment, or properties in and out of the campus.
  3. Monitors events and activities conducted on the campus.
  4. Conducts investigations on reported complaints, complaints, crimes, and incidents.
  5. Plans and prepares response to emergencies such as fire, earthquake, accidents, and  other incidents.
  6. Conducts orientations and seminars pertaining to safety, peace, and order in the campus.
  7. Coordinates with the SFAC community, government agencies, non-government (NGO’s), and other schools  pertaining to campus security and safety.

Lost and Found Policy

Lost and found items must be reported to the Discipline Officer or to any security officer onsite. Owners of lost and found items must show proof of ownership. Lost or abandoned items will be disposed of after a reasonable length of time, normally after five months; to be donated to the less fortunate through our community outreach projects. The school administration assumes no responsibility for lost items and belongings. As much as possible, lost items must be reported within the day of its loss. The school’s responsibility shall be limited to conducting an investigation and will exert effort to retrieve the lost item/s.

All student’s belongings must be properly labeled with permanent
ink. The name of the student (owner) should appear on page 100 of each book/workbook for easy identification.