Southwoods Administers Quarterly Test through Schoology

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” – Henry David Thoreau

As students’ education went through online to ensure that students continue learning. In many cases, this involves tools that help students take the examination with only the resources they have.

Students are extra anxious when the quarterly exam approaches. Saint Francis of Assisi College used Schoology as a platform, which is exclusive for Franciscans, where the teachers and students can communicate while they are taking their assessment, like asking some concerns/clarification about the exam.

Students are eager to pass the examination for the reason of high grades. Every quarter students must take their examination. Each student has different learning styles — so, before the examination week, teachers disseminate the pointers to review for the student’s early preparation for their examination.
The students’ examination is within the said portal only, they are enrolled in specific courses wherein they can take their examination. Their exams’ have passwords, and once they start the examination, they are being monitored by their adviser.

SFAC has a 3-day schedule, each subject has one hour to one and a half hours time allotment. After their hard work, Franciscans were granted the “Mental Health Break”, this allows them to meditate and relax their mind after the three days virtual examination.

Nowadays, pen and paper tests are not allowed but with the use of technology students’ may continue to take their examinations with different media devices. The online assessment might be risky but with the help of Schoology, everything has been possible with our dear Franciscans and Parents to continue learning at their own comfort.