SFAC, SAS Launch “Share-a-Care”Donation Drive for Ashfall Victims

Days after the unexpected explosion of the majestic Taal Volcano, the Saint Francis of Assisi College and Saint Anthony School campuses set up a donation drive to assist the homeless and helpless victims of the said eruption. Thus, the share a care program was launched. This project is a collaboration of all students, parents and administrators of our school. Each student was given a letter for their parents appealing to each and every one to participate in this project. They were encouraged to donate goods.

School administrators have personally visited the evacuation sites. There were hundreds of volunteers busily sorting, packing and distributing relief goods. We strongly believe that all donations, be in kind or in cash are highly appreciated. The smiles of the children, the tears of the mothers and the simple bow of the fathers, move us to tears, realizing how happy we made them with the simple token, a slice of bread, a bar of soap or used clothing. These made us more grateful of everything we have now, make us even more appreciative of every little kind gesture.

Let us all do our share, lift a hand and open our hearts to our dear country men!