SFAC LP to Offer Franciscan Adaptive Learning Program (FALP), Announces Opening of Online Classes for SY 2020-2021

The Franciscan Adaptive Learning Program (FALP)

The Franciscan Adaptive Learning Program (FALP) is a learning program that implements the concept of blended or hybrid learning. It is a combination of virtual classroom sessions and independent learning sessions using Learning Management System (LMS). This mode of learning offers a more flexible approach and requires no physical exposure to crowded classes.
With the occurrence of man-made or natural disturbances which may cause disruption of classes, adaptive learning is seen as one of the viable solutions for continuous education.
Under the Franciscan Adaptive Learning Program, SFAC offers two choices: Online Distance Learning Program (ODLP) and Modular Distance Learning Program (MDLP)
The Online Distance Learning Program (ODLP) utilizes a synchronous approach in which learners of the same level learn at the same time and pacing, like a regular class. In this program, there will be three modes of delivery.
  • The Guided Online Session (GOLS) which refers to all live online learning activities with teacher assistance or interaction such as virtual discussion, tutorial, teleconference or webinar.
  • The second mode of delivery is called the Independent Learning Session (ILS)which refers to the time devoted by the learners to accomplish assignments or worksheets, read, research or watch new or related topics. This allows learners to learn on their own.
  • The last mode of delivery is the Consultation – Intervention Session (CIS)which refers to the period dedicated solely for academic consultations between the learners and their teacher.
The Modular Distance Learning Program (MDLP)on the other hand, is an asynchronous or individualized learning method for Junior High School where student-teacher interaction is one-on-one. The Modular Distance Learning Program will be delivered under our Franciscan Home Study Program, a DepEd recognized alternative learning modality, where learners take home and accomplish K-12 aligned self-learning modules.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) – Schoology

SFAC’s Online Distance Learning Program will use Schoology as its Learning Management System. Schoology is an award-winning and world class digital platform that provide learners with multiple avenues for collaboration, communication and assessment. It is a powerful, all-in-one tool for conducting virtual classes and consultations, monitoring student performances, organizing contents, engaging students, and connecting to families. In 2017, Schoology is awarded as the Best Education Enterprise Solution by CODiE, a prestigious international award-giving body in the field of education innovation.

Academic Offerings

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Online Enrollment is now ongoing!

Opening of Classes

Opening of online classes for School Year 2020-2021 is on August 25, 2020.

Admission Requirements


Learners may only be considered “officially enrolled” upon COMPLETE submission of the requirements.