SFAC-LP conducts Mathematics, Science Quiz Bee 2019

In celebration of this year’s Mathematics and Science Month, SFAC-Las Piñas Basic Education Department held its annual Quiz Bee for both subjects last September 26, 2019.

The following are the winners:

[See photos here.]


Math Quiz Bee Winners

Grade 7

1st Place – Angelrich Ayesha Arqueza

2nd Place – Nathalie Sadie Bathan

3rd Place – Miya Tolentino


Grade 8

1st Place – Armhayttah Briggyd Asiel Blancaflor

2nd Place – Lord Theoden Lim

3rd Place – Franz Edrian Corsiga


Grade 9

1st Place – Joshua Uriel Udal

2nd Place – Eunice Jenifer Arias

3rd Place – Audrey Blythez Colin Lu


Grade 10

1st Place – Josh Cedric Angelo Sarte

2nd Place – Matthew Sean Martinez

3rd Place – Cheska Hailey Foz


Grade 11

1st Place – Gil Alfred Merluza

2nd Place – Thedy Rave Broñola

3rd Place – Micah Aguilar


Grade 12

1st Place – Jake Acuña

2nd Place – John Marco Romero

3rd Place – Christopher Neil Saclolo


Science Quiz Bee Winners

Grade 7

1st Place – Angelrich Ayesha Arqueza

2nd Place – Derek Young

3rd Place – Sean Gilbert Moral


Grade 8

1st Place – Yuri Mitchell Salaverria

2nd Place – Kenneth Lance Ibardaloza

3rd Place – Raphael Arsitio


Grade 9

1st Place – Neo Glenn Briones

2nd Place – John Joshua Yamon

3rd Place – Audric Abucar


Grade 10

1st Place – Raigeki Kalel Maximo

2nd Place – Gideon Bautista

3rd Place – Jasmin Nim


Grade 11

1st Place – Jandro Cammarao

2nd Place – Juliana Saliba

3rd Place – Aaron Silagan


Grade 12

1st Place – Sofia Cepeda

2nd Place – Kyle Pasuquin

3rd Place – Crislyn Joy Bolastig