SFAC- Las Piñas celebrates Nutrition Month 2019

Franciscans show their skills in cooking healthy and nutritious food for Nutrition Month 2019.
By Darnny Uriel Peñaranda

Saint Francis of Assisi College-Basic Education Department held culminating activity for the Nutrition Month Celebration with this year’s theme, “Kumain nang wasto at maging aktibo, push natin ‘to!” on July 31, 2019.

Nutrition Month is held annually in every school to promote a balanced lifestyle through proper nutrition and fitness activities. At SFAC-LP, this serves as a way for the students to showcase their awareness about proper nutrition and au courant skills in cooking through various contests: Nutri-Quiz Bee, Poster and Slogan Making, Essay Writing and Cook Fest.

The activities started with a dance performance from SFAC-Performing Arts Club followed by the start of the final rounds for the different contests. All Junior and Senior High School students actively participated in the events.  The following were declared winners of the contests:

Nutri-Quiz Bee

Grade 7

1 Place- Derek G. Young
2 Place- Sean Gilbert J. Moral
3 Place- Annika Jan L. Cheng

Grade 8

1 Place- Lanz Chino Thomas C. Real
2 Place- Franz Edrian N. Corsiga
3 Place- Angelyn P. Hong

Grade 9

1 Place- Eunice Jenifer I. Arias
2 Place- Ethel Chance A. Remedios
3 Place- Allen Marx C. Monilar

Grade 10

1 Place- Atasha Margaux V. Borja
2 Place- Cheska Hailey C. Foz
3 Place- Ruth Charina D. Lopez

Grade 11

1 Place- Jandro G. Cammarao
2 Place- Christopher Louise B. Millara
3 Place- Mary Ann H. Pacaldo

Grade 12

1 Place- John Michael G. Mercado
2 Place- Jake P. Acuña
3 Place- Daniel Alexis S. Dulce

Poster Making Contest (Junior High School Level)

1 Place- Kayla Gwyneth Pullon

2 Place- Ayana Cher Villamayor

3 Place- Atasha Margaux Borja
Ashley Vargas

Slogan Making Contest (Senior High School)

1 Place- Khalygen Boayes
2 Place- Vally Rose Hara
3 Place- Diana Tasha Claridad

Essay Writing Contest

(Junior High School Level)

1 Place- Audrey Lu
2 Place- Ethelle Calvez
3 Place- Armyttah Blancaflor

(Senior High School Level)

1 Place- Michelle Tuquib
2 Place- Sean Aaron Santos
3 Place- Vhea Ballesteros

Cook Fest

(Junior High School Level)

1 Place- Grade 8-Eric Horvitz: “Lemon Buttered Chicken”

Theoden Eulrick Lim, Angelyn Hong, Czarlyse Arellano, Faith Nicole Jocson, Alfred Olano

2 Place- Grade 7-Tim Berners-Lee: “Chicken and Pork Vegetables Protein”

Derek Young, Marcus Pacetes, Liann Jonson, James Kim, Uwonne Zagala

3 Place- Grade 8-Peter Norvig: “Buttered Chicken with Vegetables”

Alyssa Martinez, Jaira De Guzman, Juliene Lo, Kennelyn Chan, Stephanie Auxilian


(Senior High School Level)

1 Place- 11-Benjamin Franklin (STEM): “Buttered Chicken with Crispy Kangkong and Mashed Potato”

2 Place-Francis Ragasa, Rafael Ronquillo, Jandro Cammarao, Patrick Tabuso, Adelaide Rodrigo

3 Place-12-Bill Gates (ABM): “Lemon Chicken Vegetable Pot”

Jocelyn Acap, Grayszhielle Uy, Luke Victoriano, Fiona Balisoro, Elyza Ocaña

4 Place- 12-Steve Jobs

Lea Diaz, Monica Luzon, Juliana Tayam, Rusell Lurot, Hanna Siojo