SFAC Celebrates 41st Founding Anniversary

The Theme
This year’s theme is anchored on the first letter of Peter chapter 3:8 in the New Testament which says; ….all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind. Here, Peter writes to “all of you.” These five commands have been translated into three Franciscan Virtues: Harmony, Humility, and Solidarity.

Harmony is unity of mind. It means a harmonious community of Franciscans to be unified around one way of thinking: the School’s Vision-Mission.

Humility is humble in Spirit. Franciscan virtues and values reflect the inner strength of each one and these convict others to do good. Thus, each Franciscan lives the guiding principle of Faith and Humility.

Solidarity is sympathy with one another. Then, Peter commands us to love, as brothers love each other. In other words, a “family” kind of love which is reflected in our CORE Values. Franciscans always carry that commitment for one another. Walking together is fundamentally a synod; which means to journey together. The theme adopted the synodality of the church which Pope Francis initiated beginning in October 10, 2021 and shall culminate in 2023.


President’s 41st Founding Anniversary Message


Here are the activities in line with SFAC’s 41st Founding Anniversary

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