SFAC Bacoor Conducts 3 -day Capacity Building Workshop

The Senior High School Department in partnership with the Admission and Guidance offices conducted a 3-day seminar entitled “Personality Development, Capacity Building Workshop and Career Orientation held December 16, 17 & 18 at the Audio-Visual Room of SFAC-Bacoor. The Personality Development seminar aims to equip the G12 students the ways and means on how to enhance his/her personality by being self-confident about one’s physical appearance and to package themselves through proper grooming and dressing. Mrs. Estrella J. Tauro, ISHR Instructor Personality Development and Avon Manager talks on Make-up application, and how to dress up properly.  After her talk, a Career Orientation seminar followed with the Campus Director, Dr. Santos Castillo Jr. as the speaker inspiring and encouraging G12 students to enroll at SFAC –Bacoor College Department. He stressed the various considerations and advantages in enrolling at SFAC. Likewise, he talks on how the students should prepare for college life, an d how to survive it. Skills and competencies were enumerated on how they will initially set their career goals and how to create a development plan to make their goals a reality.

During the second day, Financial Literacy was conducted at around 9:00 AM in the same venue. Mr. Malvin T. Leano, Executive Vice Chairman of International Marketing Group talks on money saving, teaching the students on how to spend wisely and thinking on how to start a new business/ investment which does not necessarily need a huge capital. Students were interested and raised questions to which the speaker readily answers.

On the 3rd day of the seminar, all of the 170 participants were assembled at the Covered court for some group activities. Then The ABM group with Mrs. Christine Mallorca went to the HRM Laboratory for a visit, for the GAS group who stayed at the College Library with Mrs. Nida Lara had some group discussions on the courses vailable ofr those who took the GAS strand and the STEM group with Mr. Powell at the Computer Laboratory. Mr. Jason Casas gave an orientation on what is expected of students who will take up information technology and other computer related courses.

In the afternoon they were again assembled at the Audio-Visual Room for thr  General Orientation on Immersion and internship, where the Internship Coordinator, Mrs. Ma. Veronica C. Calubaquib discusses the Work Immersion Program, ethics in the workplace, the terms and conditions of the work immersion MOA and tips on how students should conduct themselves when already deployed. She stressed the need for punctuality, attendance, proper behavior, social relations/interactions, etc. in the workplace, and to ensure that the partner company will be satisfied with them while having their training as they will be evaluated at the conclusion of their training.