SFAC Bacoor Boosts Mock Hotel Facilities

by: Claudine Samuel Published February 22, 2020 11:26pm

The refurbishment of the mock hotel of SFAC Bacoor within three months is now a reality!

The mock hotel is totally furnished with latest facilities, tools, and equipment upholding its competitiveness especially in the delivery of quality technical-vocational services. The provided facilities and equipment increased the efficiency of trainers and instructors in developing the skills of student interns especially for hospitality industry, NC II aspirants, and for other student activities that relate thereto.

The modernization of its interior designs and layouts in accordance with TESDA requirements made it safer, more efficient, and more convenient for students to practice their skills, conduct their work immersions and hold other hospitality activities. Stylish designs make it trendy and chiefly captivate students’ enthusiasm in learning.

The newly designed dining area is furnished with additional dining tables to accommodate a greater number of students for their internship especially in hospitality trainings, TESDA trainees, on the job training students. Besides, its expansion afforded a convenient and spacious working stations for students to accomplish their activities. Its enchanting drop lights intensify the fascinating ambience.

The remodeled bar station provided ample space making it more accessible and has increased flexibility in working. Besides, it is completely-furnished with variety of glassware and drink wares contributory in ensuring excellent bar service experiences to aspiring bar attendants.

FOOD IS LIFE! The kitchen area is supplied with brand-new tools, equipment, four working stations and sinks installed to increase the productivity and efficiency of students acquiring the necessary skills in preparing and presenting food and beverage services. Likewise, the vibrant tiled-floors complement its fabulous ambience.

The newly constructed bathroom is furnished with classy bathtub and additional facilities vital in providing adequate training experiences to hospitality students.  It is also installed with bathroom accessories worthy for favorable learning experiences.

The relaxing bedroom, aside from the master bedroom suite, was furnished with additional bed making its service more dynamic especially in developing the knowledge and skills of student for housekeeping activities.

The mock hotel has been also introduced to some modifications with regards to its guidelines and processes to ensure higher level of services to facilitators, trainers, student interns, and to Franciscans.