SAS Los Baños Conducts First Quarter Proud Franciscan Awards

The school’s Recognition program is conducted at the end of every quarter. SAS Recognition is held to motivate the students to push their potentials to the limits and to boost the performance as a whole. The First Quarter Recognition Program for this School Year was held last September 24, 2019.

Among the awards given out in school, the academic awards remain to be the most prestigious. It is the most coveted because it signifies recognition of intelligence which is understandably something to be proud of.

At the end of every quarter, Anthonians who have worked hard in their academics, conduct, and attendance are given due recognition for their efforts.

We believed that recognition of one’s efforts is more highly valued than money. Student who is recognized for simply doing his or her best—an increased level of self-confidence, a sense of accomplishment and respect among the peer group. Such a feeling of accomplishment may carry forward throughout their lives and ultimately improve themselves as well. These awards are products of Anthonian’s perseverance and hard work. Salute for your achievements!