SAS LB Launches Stay-at-Home TikTok Challenge

In the midst of global pandemic due to virus called COVID-19, Saint Anthony School of Los Baños launched the very first Anthonian Tik Tok Challenge. The challenge is open to all Athonians and alumni, they have to create a Tik-Tok about any safety precautions to prevent the spread of the said virus. All the contestants should follow mechanics given. Most of the Anthonians were eager to join in the said online competition, all of them were very cooperative. At the early age they showed how creative they were and how willing they were to help and contribute to lessen the victims of the said virus. This kind of online competition exhibits Anthonian cares and awareness about what was happening around us. In their own little way they help the government to solve this global pandemic.

This challenge last for a month and shared to all Facebook friends. Everyone did a great job but the end of the day only one will shine and called winner. After casting the likes and shares. Athena Nicole T. Gerella won and became the first ever Athonian Tik Tok Challenge Winner. Congratulations… Keep Safe Anthonians God Bless everyone!