SAS LB Celebrates Sto. Niño Festival

SAS celebrated the feast to Sto. Niño to remember his infancy and childhood that He is indeed to be honored and glorified. Moreover, ‘patron’ in Spanish means ‘protector’ or ‘defender.’ Our Lord Jesus Christ will and always be our protector.

One particular tradition of the fiesta is the cheer,  “VIVA PIT SEÑOR!” and “VIVA SEÑOR SANTO NIÑO!” This is done repetitively after the mass or during the dancing of the traditional Sinulog. The translation of ‘VIVA SEÑOR SANTO NIÑO!’ is ‘Hail, Lord Holy Child!’ which is referred to Jesus Christ. On the other hand, the interpretative translation of ‘VIVA PIT SEÑOR!’ is ‘Hail Lord, listen to our prayers!’.

Therefore, every time we shout these phrases when we celebrate the feast of Sto. Niño, we get to understand its meaning. The phrases are our way of praying to our only God. These phrases are forms of prayer. It is short yet rich of meaning and faith. The Father sent His beloved Son to remind us of how much He loved us by giving us a child, who radiates the message of humility

Moreover, every time then that Anthonians spend our visit and participate the fiesta senior activities and hear this being sang and danced, we are not present to witness a spectacle but rather an invitation to join in prayer as one community of God’s children.

Viva Pit Señor!