1. Dr. Evangeline Oñas-Orosco Memorial Foundation (EOOMF) Scholarship

This scholarship is based on the overall scholastic performance of the learners. Under this program, students of Saint Francis of Assisi College (SFAC) and Saint Anthony School (SAS) may be granted financial assistance by way of discounts in tuition fees. The performance of the students will be ranked using the following criteria:





Participation in School Activities






The top five (5) students in Grade 6 and top three (3) students in Grade 10 will be eligible for the scholarship. The computation of discount for each rank is determined by the EOOMF and may vary from one campus to another.

Transferees belonging to top three (3), who will enroll for Grade 7, 8 and 9 may also avail the scholarship grant subject to evaluation. The discount will be based on the rank and the number of finishers in the entire level where the student belongs.

2. Athletic Scholarship

Students who are recognized for their outstanding performance in sports may be entitled partial to full scholarship by the school. The amount of scholarship is based on performance and upon the recommendation of the coach.

3. Performing Arts Scholarship

Students who successfully pass the summer workshop of the Gintong Lahi Dance Company may be entitled partial to full tuition fee discount. The amount of scholarship is based on performance and upon the recommendation of the coach.

4. Taguig Learners’ Certificate (TLC) [Taguig Campus Only]

The TLC program is a project initiated under the administration of Mayor Lani Cayetano to help public school students transfer to private schools to decongest the public classrooms and address overpopulation problem.

Honored Government Assistance and Subsidies

1. Educational Service Contracting (ESC) Subsidy

This government subsidy is open for application to all incoming Grade 7 learners. Once approved, the learner will be entitled a yearly subsidy which will be deducted from their actual school fees. The amount of subsidy ranges from P9500 to P13000 per year depending on the location. The number of slots for the ESC subsidy is limited and is on a first come first served basis.

2. Senior High School Voucher Program (SHS VP)

This program is applicable to Senior High School students enrolling at SFAC or SAS. Through this program, the government will pay an amount for every learner who are qualified. The subsidy will be deposited directly to the school account and will be automatically deducted from the learner’s accounts. The amount of voucher that the Senior High School students can receive is based on the following:

a. G10 Public School Completer – Students who completed Grade 10 in a public school are eligible to avail the No Top – Up promo wherein, the tuition fees and miscellaneous fees for Grade 11 and Grade 12 will be waived.

b. G10 ESC Grantees – All Grade 10 completers under the ESC Subsidy will automatically receive a subsidy amounting to P14,000 up to P18,000 depending on the location.

c. G10 Non – ESC Private School Completer – Students who completed Grade 10 in any private school which is not ESC accredited can avail the voucher by applying. The amount of voucher will be from P14,000 to P18,000 depending on the location.

3. Unified Financial Assistance System for Tertiary Education (UniFAST)

The government, through the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and in partnership with PEAC, gives a range of grants for college students through the following subsidies:

a. TES -1 – It provides tuition and other fees subsidies to qualified students. The maximum amount of subsidy is P60,000 per academic year

b. TES -2 – It provides allowance for books, transportation and other day – to –day educational expenses to qualified students. The maximum amount of subsidy is P60,000 per academic year

c. TES-3A – It provides allowance to qualified students with disabilities. The amount is P30,000.

d. TES-3B – It supports students in a program requiring professional license or certification. P100,000 one-time cost of obtaining the first professional credential or qualification is given.

4. Special Program for the Employment of Students (SPES)

This program is under the management of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) wherein students will render a certain number of hours of work within the school and in return, they will be receiving a check from DOLE which can be used as payment for school fees.

5. Student Financial Assistance Programs (StuFAPs)

It consists of government funded scholarship, grants-in-aid, student loans and subsidies and other incentives for qualified students.

a. State Scholarship Program – This scholarship is given to students based on merit or talent: extraordinary academic performance, special technical capability, and skills in the field of research and development (R&D), innovation and other creative works. The types are:

a.1. Full Scholarship – If the student has a general average of at least 90% or its equivalent, the amount of scholarship is P30,000.

a.2. Private Education Student Financial Assistance (PESFA) Scholarship – If the student gets a general average of at least 85 % or its equivalent, the amount of scholarship is P15,000.

b. Grant-in-Aid (GIA) – it requires a minimum level of capacity (to tackle college work) from poor but qualified students so they could finish tertiary education. The student-grantee shall be entitled to a maximum of P12,000 per academic year.

c. Student Loan – it provides short-term or long-term loans to students who are short of cash, regardless of their economic status during the tome of enrollment. The student (or his parents, guardians or com-makers) is expected to pay the loan when they become gainfully employed. The maximum loanable cap is P60,000 per year. The loanable amount is payable in one year.

6. The Philippine Veterans Affair Office Educational Benefits (PVAO)

Under this program, any one direct descendant of a veteran is entitled a grant amounting to maximum of P36,000 per year.

Discount Privileges

1. Cash Basis Discount – a 10% discount on tuition fees is given to those who will pay the school fees in cash upon registration

2. Sibling Discount – 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 25% discounts on tuition fees are given to first, second, third, fourth and fifth siblings respectively.

3. Loyalty Discount – a 10% discount on tuition fees is given to SFAC Kindergarten graduates continuing their studies in Grade 1, SFAC elementary graduates continuing their education in the Junior High School Department, and to SFAC Senior High School graduates continuing their studies in the SFAC College Department.

4. Early Bird Discount – a 5 % discount on tuition fees is given to those who will enroll on or before April 15 for the next school year.

5. Alumni Discount – a 5 % discount on tuition fees is given to child of a SFAC alumnus.

6. Community Sponsorship Discount – a 5% discount is given to learners who reside within the Barangay where the school is situated.

7. Employee’s Discount – the child of any SFAC or SAS employee is entitled a 100 % discount on tuition fees.

8. Bring in a Friend Promo – an amount of P1,000 is given for every officially new enrolled student to anyone who brings in a relative, friend or acquaintances.