Multimedia PBL Administered to SFAC Sta. Rosa Learners

In the 21st century, developing literacy in media and film is vital. Filmmaking and film analysis in schools are now tools in amplifying pupil engagement, instigating writing, cultivating literacy attainment, and enhancing behavior. “Filmmaking in the classroom can also foster awareness and passion, and that passion fuels action,” according to Nikos Theodosakis, author of Director in the Classroom. “It gives students a chance to ask questions of [their] subjects. . . and at the same time, to answer questions for themselves.” More importantly, a learning experience like this can direct students to an inclusive learning environment, where students with individual differences can work together on a single vision.

In Saint Francis of Assisi College – Santa Rosa Campus, especially in the Junior High School, integrating multimedia arts in academic subjects has always been an enormous channel of significant learning for the students. After the success of their Broadcasting Activity during the 3rd Quarter, the faculty believed that the students can explore more of the potentials they have. The faculty members have constructed another challenging Project-Based Learning Activity: Create a short film where the students need to meet the following standards:

  • Plot inspired from significant English literary piece from their curriculum (Phil. Lit, Afro-Asian, Anglo-Americam, World Lit.)
  • Stylistics mirrored from Francisco Balagtas and Dr. Jose P. Rizal
  • Characterization of the lead roles inspired from behavioral theories present in their social studies (Asian History, World History, Economics, Contemporary Issues)
  • Theater Elements

From romantic-comedy, family drama, suspense, young adult romance, and even psychological fiction, the students were able to bring various genre to the table. It wasn’t just a memorable learning experience for the students. It was also remarkable for teachings seeing students come out of their comfort zones and discover that their potentials are limitless as long as they have the grit to keep on moving forward.