Miguel T. Dizon bags 5th Place during the 1stVermosa and Renegades Invitational Club Race

Last October 22, 2019, Miguel T. Dizon of Grade 2 – St. Peter won 5th Place during the 1stleg Vermosa and Renegades Invitational Club Race. The said took place event happened in (PLACE) as organized by the Team Renegades Motocross and Ayala Vermosa Group.

Miguel T. Dizon has always been enthusiastic about racing. Due to his passion, he was able to bag another rank during the 2nd leg of the said competition last November 17, 2019. Miguel will continue to the 3rd leg this coming December 14. His mother prays for safety for his upcoming competition.

Saint Francis of Assisi College Santa Rosa will continue to support each and every Franciscan’s passion for it is with passion that people can accomplish things with love, contentment, and power. It is passion that connects our goals and dreams to reality.  Like what Joseph Campbell said, “Passion will move men beyond themselves, beyond their shortcomings, beyond their failures.”