Mathletes Finish 12-Saturday Training, Qualifies for MTG’s In-House

After hurdling the Mathematical Callenge for Filipino Kids Training Program, a 12-Saturday training program and the first phase for international contest participation of the Mathematics Teachers’ Guild, Philippines (MTG Phil), eight SFAC Dasma mathletes qualify for the Young Mathematician’s In-house Intensive Training Program. The Online Training starts on April 5 to 8, 2020.

The following matheletes are:
Jardine Dave Ambrocio Grade 8
Elyza Nykole Echano Grade 8
Anna Andrea Labastilla Grade 6
Angelica Mendoza Grade 6
Kharl Christian Nava Grade 5
Noelainey Partoza Grade 5
Hans Jacob Vidallon Grade 3
Haley Keisha Rementilla Grade 3

This year’s sessions include some of the following topics:

Middle Primary Division: Speed Distance and Time; Cryptarithms, Planting Trees Problems, More on Chicken and Rabbit in the Cage Problems; Counting Embedded Figures; More on Number Theory; Fractions and Estimation; Ratio and Proportion; Finding Average

Upper Primary Division: Number System and Applications; More on Special Numbers: Square, Even and Odd; Word Problems Related to Percents; Geometry and Pie Chart; Simple Polynomials and Problem Solving; Expansion of Algebraic Expression with Applications; Reasoning and Presentation of Solution; Challenge Mensuration Problems; and More on Tangram

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Junior Division: More about Binary Operation on Numbers; Basic Inequalities; Intro to Proof related with Inequalities; Heron’s Formula.