How Parents Can Support the New Normal of Education

To maximize the holistic growth and development of a learner, education should be a partnership between the teachers and parents. Their teamwork can push the students to go beyond their limits and to feel secured in their journey of learning. So here are things parents can do to support their child’s education. These tips are actually useful as well in traditional learning set-up.

Provide a Learning Space

Just as how work-from-home parents need a designated area to work effectively, learners need their space as well. Their space doesn’t need to be fancy or high-tech. It just needs to be quiet, equipped with their learning materials, and dedicated for studying only. This way they will subconsciously feel the need to attend classes and feel the presence of a learning environment. As much as possible, their space should not be near to the place they play games or watch television.

Construct a Schedule

Routines and schedules in school is equally important in their study area at home. Learners can function best if they have routine to follow. Parents can set mobile alarms to guide their child’s schedule especially for parents who are working. Also include in their schedule snack times and recess. Encourage them to take a time off to relax especially they don’t have their classmates around. It is best that the schedule fits to your child’s unique learning style and personality when it comes with taking a break.

Allow them to communicate with friends

As much as possible, allow them to talk to their friends through messengers or video calls so that they will feel their presence and also do school works together. One effective methods in learning is peer-learning which they can do with their friends. You can add this to their schedule so they won’t spend too much time chatting with friends.


Combine screen time with old school learning mediums

            The involvement of digital devices in blended learning might cause overuse of screen time. This might lead to less effectiveness of this method so it is best to mix old school learning materials such as textbooks, printed materials, handouts, etc. This way, there will be balance the screen time of the learners.


Keep in touch with other parents

Communicating with other parents can help elevate the power of blended learning. Since this framework encourages parent-teacher teamwork, there might be other ways they found effective for their child. Or maybe they are having some difficulties in embracing this framework and you might be able to extend a helping hand.


Don’t forget to schedule time for fun

            Everyone will be transitioning from traditional to blended learning as mandated by the new normal so it might be stressful for some people. That’s why it is also important to allot time to unwind and have fun with your kids. It can be simple bonding like card games, charades, movie marathon, and more.