A progressive and globally competitive graduate school for business and education in the Philippines by the year 2030.


Development of highly competent organizational leaders and managers in the field of business and education through quality instruction, research, and extension services.


Quality Education. To be recognized as one of the best business and education institutions in the Philippines offering affordable quality education through quality instructions, research, and extension services.

Customer-Centered. To provide relevant and accessible administrative and academic processes through responsive customer services.

Resource Management. To optimize resources that contribute to the utilization or revenues that support growth and future development.

Continuous Improvement. To involve and develop human resource in the improvement of processes to achieve quality and efficiency.

The Graduate School puts premium in the value of Commitment and Integrity as administrators, faculty, staff, or students and adherence to the professed Vision-Mission-Values of both the institution of SFAC and of the Graduate School, itself.

It also emphasizes the values of Leadership, Management, and Social Responsibility, as embodied in its academic program offerings.


A degree program where students can gain a deeper understanding on the managerial, supervisory, and instructional competencies towards a higher level of educational leadership.  The program provides a strong foundation on the concepts and theories in human development and learning, assessment quality and standards, and finance and resource management. It also allows students to explore the theoretical and practical aspects of curriculum development, supervision of instruction and school activities, and educational legislation.

  • Basic Courses 9 units
  • Major Courses 15 units
  • Elective Courses 6 units
  • Thesis Writing 9 units
    Total 39 units

A degree program that prepare students to easily adapt management environment that often involve research. It is designed to study specific business fields such as organization, marketing, accounting, finance, operations management, human resources and economics. The program requires students with business or its allied program or degrees in any field of specialization preferably with work experience.

Business or its Allied Programs

  • Foundation Courses 9 units
  • Business Major Courses 18 units
  • Integrating Courses 9 units
    Total 36 units

Non-Business Programs

  • Preparatory Courses 12 units
  • Foundation Courses 9 units
  • Business Major Courses 18 units
  • Integrating Courses 9 units
    Total 48 units

TCP is a supplemental course for professionals. This program aims to give opportunity to aspiring professionals (non-education degree holders) to enter the teaching profession with adequate academic and practical knowledge required for teaching, exposure to classroom practices, theories and pedagogies, teaching environment, relevant and time-tested research-based methodologies to develop and enhance their teaching prowess.