Getting to Know SFAC’s Early Childhood Learning Program (ECLP)

SFAC’s Early Childhood Learning Program (ECLP) aims to provide early childhood education and care for Franciscan preschool learners and help them develop foundational skills and assimilate Francisca values that will prepare them when they start formal schooling. The school’s ECLP focuses on the following areas:

Physical Development – This includes activities that develops gross and fine motor coordination of learners through play and manipulative activities such as games, simple works, et.

Personal-social Development – It involves skills and social behaviors such as respecting viewpoints of others and development of health habits, independence, abilities to follow rules and routines. Learning about the family and other people in the community is likewise part of this area.

Affective Development – It includes experiences that help children develop love of God, self, others and the community, and develop awareness of their feelings and sense of the right and wrong

Cognitive Development – It involves development of communication skills and sensory-perceptual and numeracy concept and skills. Communication skills refer to competencies in expressing ideas and feelings both in English and Filipino (oral expression and basic readiness skills of listening, pre-reading and writing). Sensory-perceptual and numeracy skills refer to the ability to observe, discriminate, compare and classify, and to understand, count, read and write numbers.

 Creative-aesthetic Development – It includes exploration of sounds, music and rhythms, and the development of children’s creative expression through drawing, painting, manipulative activities, etc.

Saint Francis of Assisi College ensures the holistic development of its Franciscan Preschool learners through well planned curriculum and a well-balanced set of activities. Thus, SFAC came up with the following development centers: Family Communication Center; Manipulative Center; Discovery Center; Art, Music and Movement Center; Computer Laboratory; and, Outdoor Play Area. Additionally, SFAC also provides enrichment activities such as visual presentation – phonics, story-telling and use of various teaching aids and intervention materials.

SFAC is committed to preparing Preschool learners in for Grade School and beyond through positive relationships and quality holistic Franciscan Education.

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