Franciscans Undergo Reading Assessment

The faculty of Saint Francis of Assisi College conducted a reading assessment for the Franciscan students from Kinder to Grade 6. This activity served as the success markers if learning objectives in reading are met. The reading assessment was also used as a tool in designing the program for the Gearing up Activity since it is going to be the ending activity for S.Y. 2019-2020

With that, the faculty of SFAC Santa Rosa is proud to say that the majority of the students are competent enough in reading. Aside from being an assessment, this has also become an avenue to urge each and every Franciscans to strive hard to achieve their goals and dreams in life.

It is true that when you were educated with the best teachers, you will become what you want to be in the future and knowing how to read, is the best thing to start with. Being a Franciscan learner is a process of discovering and showcasing talents that comes out of learning the said learning: learning that is rooted from reading and blossoming as they soar high for their dreams.