Franciscans Reunite Through a Virtual Huddle Event

The duration of the nationwide lockdown was indeed unexpected. The initial 2-week lockdown plan was extended into 3 months. Aside from the travel limitations, students’ opportunity to bond with one another was limited as well. Due to this, the administrators of Saint Francis of Assisi College (SFAC) Santa Rosa decided to conduct a virtual huddle event via Facebook Live.

To make the said Livestream become more interactive, they used a web-based streaming platform, StreamYard™. Students were able to interact with the people in the live stream through comments and reactions. The said virtual huddle ran through the whole month of July 2020 with 3 episodes in total.
The pilot episode was hosted by Mr. Renchie S. Gayos together with Carlo A. Almira (Grade 10 Student) and EricjorgeBalayan (Alumna). It was just a simple “kamustahan” but the energy and presence of the Franciscans made it fun and memorable despite the limitation set by distance.

The second episode focused on enriching the students’ talents especially that they have plenty of time at home. Still, it was hosted by Mr. Gayos but this time, they had a special guest from GMA-7: Ms. Karenina Haniel. Of course, to make it more relatable to Franciscans, students also joined the online talk show: Eryca Anne A. Balayan (Alumna) and JM Atanacio (Grade 10). Again, it was a fun activity especially with the games included at the end of the live stream.

The last episode featured two alumna Aaliyah Cyril Patiag and Lanibelle Ramos who shared struggles and challenges they encountered during the initial implementation of online classes. They also shared tips with students to avoid the stress they had. Students actively engaged with the discussion and learned a lot as well.