Franciscans’ Gear Up as S.Y. 2019-2021 Ends

Everyone wants to move forward and this time of the school year, Saint Francis of Assisi College Sta. Rosa campus begins the Gearing up Program 2019 – 2020. It is the stage in a Franciscan life where they are about to cross the bridge for the next grade level. A new phase has come after honing and mastering their skills from the previous one. This is the moment where they have to soar even higher in their academic lives.

In full support to our students we officially welcome them into a world of new choices and opportunities, conducting the ‘Gearing up Program’.The goal of this program is to see a glimpse on how they will be in the next level. To guide and help them in adapting to a new classroom setting. With these thoughts in mind, we make sure to be with them in this crucial time of building and reorganizing themselves in a puzzling effect of starting over.

Focusing on the following areas; Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Science and Arts, SFAC Sta. Rosa officially started the program on March 10, Tuesday. With a hopeful heart we are confident that every Franciscan will be equipped enough to face the battle of the next school year. Receiving and upholding the extra knowledge they will get from this program, they will surely succeed in academics and beyond.