Franciscans Enjoy the Night with Retro Vibes

The Junior High School students of SFAC Sta. Rosa campus ended this year with a blast. They had an awesome year end party which started at 5:00 in the afternoon until 9:00 in the evening. Everyone enjoyed the night wearing their retro outfits. The program officially began with a prayer and was immediately followed by a dance presentation of their very own dance troupe, the Southern Lion Performing Arts Group. And to make the night even more exciting special guests set the stage ablaze when the Lowkeeds dance troupe show their performance as well as an entertaining performance from the group of Alumni.

After they ate their sumptuous dinner, exchanging of gifts took part then everybody was ready to seize the night and have fun. Friendly dance showdown between students was also witnessed. When the clock hit the time that the party is over, teachers made it sure every student reached their home safely and with a smile.