Franciscans Attend Leadership Seminar

by: Jenny T. Guerrero Published February 18, 2020 7:13am

College students from SFAC Las Piñas and Bacoor Campuses attended a leadership seminar held at Saint Francis of Assisi College-Bacoor on February 7-8, 2020. The year-end leadership and planning activity was in consonance with the theme “Commitment through Excellent Service, Soaring into Greater Heights.”

The event was made possible through the collaboration of the college faculty members from the said two campuses through the initiative of Bacoor Campus College Dean, Dr. Santos T. Castillo Jr. and was graced by the resource speaker Mr. Reycaid Jhones T. Pawen.

Dr. Castillo reiterated in his opening remarks that leadership is an individual’s ability to encourage others to improve themselves becoming more efficient and productive in their everyday dealings.

During the seminar Mr. Pawen highlighted that “leaders are to serve and not to be served”. This is one of the leadership principles he emphatically imparted to the student-leaders. He stressed out the purpose of leading with integrity and the significance of being critical in making decisions as well as treating others with compassion. In conclusion, he encouraged the Franciscan leaders saying that leading is always best if patterned to the servant-leadership style of Jesus Christ.

The seminar was intended to empower student-leaders in carrying out their responsibility in providing outstanding services to Franciscans be it in the student body, their teams, or any organization they lead.  Through the leadership activities, students were given the opportunity to guide and properly instruct their fellow participants that made them realize the relevance of leading by example and treating people with equality and respect. At the end of the session, student-leaders reflected on what characteristic of a great leader they desire to manifest.