Franciscans Actively Celebrate Intramurals 2020

Intramurals is one of the largely momentous and anticipated activities in every educational institution. With this event, every Franciscan is given an opportunity to demonstrate their talents in various sport events in ball games, athletics, cheer dance, and even e-Sports. Through this, sportsmanship, values, and leadership are being developed. Due to this, Saint Francis of Assisi College – Santa Rosa Campus held the Intramurals last February 11, 2020 which also ended in February 14, 2020

The Franciscan Community in Santa Rosa Campus was divided into 3 groups namely Blue Rat, Green Phyton, and Pink Panthers. Franciscans enjoyed ball games such as Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, and more. There were also individual games such as dart, word factory, chess, and dama. There were also group games for the primary students as well as a friendly volleyball match between the parents and the teachers. The Intramurals was surely a productive and fun-filled activity that all Franciscans enjoyed