Featured Teacher of the Week: Ms. Mary Grace P. Magundag

By Alexis Mei F. Paulin
Office of the Program Supervisor for English and Research

The mark of a good educator is having a mindset of a lifelong learner. And that is evident with this teacher who listens to feedback and creates new learning experiences from it, Ms. Mary Grace Magundag from Saint Anthony School Los Baños. She said, “I believe that my strength as a teacher I maintained a dignified stance as a teacher. I always prepare (read/research about the topics) for my lessons. I actually ask myself about the possible questions that might arise during the discussion. I do accept students’ opinions, ideas but not to the point they going to correct me or embarrass me on what I know about the topic/s.”

Educators with a lifelong learning mindset handle challenges and mistakes as part of the teaching and learning process. In fact, they do not see mistakes as failures but as an opportunity for new information they can use as in finding ways to face a challenge or solve a problem. If teachers are like her, learners will find it inspiring to become lifelong learners as well.

Despite of being a full-time Registar and only a part-time teacher, Teacher Grace didn’t stop learning as a Franciscan/Anthonian educator.