Featured Teacher of the Week: Ms. Christine Basilliote

By Alexis Mei F. Paulin
Office of the Program Supervisor for English and Research

With the rise of technology that promotes self-paced learning, what makes Franciscan education different? Learning Experiences. And this is what Ms. Christine Basilliote of SFAC Taguig consistently does in her classes. She makes sure that she is not just simply sharing knowledge and information by providing learning activities that are not just relatable and interactive but also memorable. A method like this is essential during the rise of online classes because what students need right now is not just a ton of knowledge but the capability to know more. The said capability can only be achieved when a teacher can motivate, instruct, and, most importantly, inspire students to learn in subtle and grand ways.

As Bill Gates once said, “Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important.” Teacher Tine uses various tools such as gamification, videos, engaging instructional materials to make her online class sessions worthwhile. She relates her lectures with the current interest of the students such as Harry Potter, Ang Probinsyano, Twilight, etc. to get their attention and to help them process the information easier. These things collectively make her class interesting and exciting despite being a 7:00 AM class. Nobody would want to miss her classes because they wouldn’t just miss a lecture, they would miss a unique learning experience.