Featured Teacher of the Week: Mr. Joemar Diaz

By Alexis Mei F. Paulin
Office of the Program Supervisor for English and Research

What is the best instructional tool in teaching right now? Some might say digital tools such as Quizizz, Edmodo, GimKit, Jam Board, and more. Some might say non-digital tools like flashcards, flipchart, puzzles, etc. But the truth is, while all these things are indeed effective, none of it can be more valuable than an effective teacher. And that is what Sir Joemar Diaz, a Senior High School teacher in SFAC Las Piñas, entirely represents. Yes, he is knowledgeable. Yes, he is dedicated. Yes, he is tech-savvy. And just like any other Franciscan educator, he is hard-working. But what makes him different? What makes him the best? There are tons of reasons, but the two major things he does well are the art of questioning and the art of engaging students.

Nowadays, one of the most challenging tasks for a teacher is to have their students participate and submit outputs. The teacher must put an effort to design a learning experience that students are willing to be part of. Sir Joemar does this by creating uniquely tailored motivational activities and asking the right questions. Since he knows how to ask and what exact questions to ask, the students participate a lot even in a class that has more than 40 students. Another great technique that this teacher does is how he keenly observes the submissions of his students and provides constructive feedback. This way, the students know that their outputs are being appreciated and, at the same time, being checked for improvement—something that students at the present time need in order to NOT feel they’re just complying but actually learning.

Lastly, while it is obvious that Sir Joemar is a great teacher already, he is still open to new learnings and improvement. He open-heartedly asked which are the things that he still needs to improve. Truly, he embodies the characteristics of a Franciscan educator: a teacher who values excellence, faith, and humility.