Essential Reasons Why Digital Competency Must Emerge Today

21st century skills refer to content understanding, proficiencies, and literacies that train the current learners to meet the current challenges and opportunities of the world. One of those skills is the competency in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) or also known as digital literacy.

Digital literacy is not grounded only on the knowledge on how to use applications and devices. It also involves understanding digital environments, efficiently consuming—and even creating—digital information, communicating with diverse individuals, innovating promptly, and maintaining security.

Digital literacy has a significant role in today’s society especially in the economic and labor market. Due to this, the weight of its importance must be reflected in the current curriculum education and, therefore, among the students [as the society’s future workers]. Aside from that here are 5 more reasons why digital literacy needs to be developed among the learners today:


  1. It meets the Society’s Demands
    Most of the available jobs require people to engage with technology in carrying out tasks and accomplishing goals. Being digitally competent allows the learners to become more globally competitive.


  1. It nurtures the 21st Century Skills
    The knowledge in ICT enriches the development of more essential skills such as creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication. Engaging in digital activities may not physically involve students but it mentally engages them. Thus, it helps them in enriching abstract skills.


  1. It promotes life skills
    Aside from the 21st Century Skills, acquiring digital competency provides growth for other important soft skills such as time management, information management, self-management, empathy, participation, and decision making. Learning these skills doesn’t just elevate their academic success but also direct them to become resilient and well-rounded.


  1. It strengthens traditional learning set-up
    While online learning suddenly become a trend, the benefits of traditional set-up should not be left forgotten. Incorporating digital competencies in the current curriculum’s learning competencies will be a lot beneficial in achieving the standard goals of our Department of Education.


  1. It produces lifelong learners
    It strengthens the concept of learning as a never-ending process. Once our learners got access to various learning sources, and have developed information management, it will make room for more exploration in their academic advancement. Thus, it effectively produces lifelong learners.

Ever since the invention of IOS and Android Phones was invented, the pace of technological advancement has become rapid. Everyday life is gradually becoming digital and automated. Due to this, it sure is relevant to develop the learners’ digital competencies.