Bacoor Campus Crowns Mr and Ms SFAC Bacoor 2020

Glamour, handsomeness, beauty ,and intelligence dominate the first ever Search for Mr. and Ms SFAC – Bacoor on Friday night, February 14, 2020, the celebration of the Valentines’ Day which earlier in the day, students from the Junior and Senior High School Departments wore a color coded expression of relationship status. Regis S. Rapay of the Grade 11 – STEM Strand is Mr. SFAC – Bacoor 2020 while Alexandra Janelle C. Cabial of Grade 9, Section Chromium is Miss SFAC – Bacoor 2020. The challenges of coming up with this beauty pageant has paid off successfully as audience remarks positively on the outcome of the program.

Other winners are:

Minor Awards
Mr. Photogenic- Vincent J. Mancia
Ms. Photogenic- Jenilyn S. Marcojos
Mr. Congeniality- Gail Andrea Siegdrick P. Aranilla
Ms. Congeniality- Yashe Sayenne A. Taruc
Mr. Social Media Award- Yuan Kean Usher S. Cuasay
Ms. Social Media Award- Pauline Aretha A. Pariñas
Best in Production Outfit- Giovanne C. Agcambert (Male)
Best in Production Outfit- Mikyla Raine B. Deris- (Female)

Major Awards
Best in Sports Wear- Giovanne C. Agcambert (Male)
Best in Sports Wear- Pauline Aretha A. Pariñas (Female)
Best in Casual Wear- Yuan Kean Usher S. Cuasay (Male)
Best in Casual Wear- Pauline Aretha A. Pariñas (Female)
Best in Formal Wear- Hans Hexon G. Rodriguez
Best in Long Gown- Pauline Aretha A Pariñas

Mr. SFAC-Bacoor 2020 Runners- Up
Fourth Runner- Up- Hendrick Seth V. Garcia
Third Runner- Up- Yuan Kean Usher S. Cuasay
Second Runner- Up- Kirstian Anthony S. Martinez
First Runner- Up- Richmond Derrick M. Gregorio

Ms. SFAC-Bacoor 2020 Runners -Up
Fourth Runner- Up- Ashley Patricia A. Valdez
Third Runner- Up- Sophia Jane V. Cruz
Second Runner- Up- Pauline Aretha A. Pariñas
First Runner- Up- Mikyla Raine B. Deris