At induction, SFAC gives parenting tips

Written by: Ms. Catherine A. Perez, LPT

The Saint Francis of Assisi College- Southwoods Campus had its annual Parents’ Orientation last June 26, 2019 in preparation for the school year 2019-2020. The event was organized by the SFAC faculty, spearheaded by Mr. Mark Kevin Evangelista, Officer in Charge. It was an indeed a great event to start the opening of classes for the Franciscan students. The parents had the chance to meet and greet the teachers and other school personnel. 

Dr. Edgardo A. Lu, Managing Director of SFAC, was the speaker in the said event.  He emphasized school governance, vision and mission, parents’ involvement and responsibilities in school, grading system, and awards and recognition.  Mr. Jesus Barion, School Registrar, introduced the faculty and staff. Ms. Remy Olivera, School Guidance Advocate, stressed the school policies. Ms. Erica Samante,Activity Coordinator, shared an overview of school activities. 

This event was an excellent jump start and ice breaker to warm up the students before classes officially start. Again, we would like to welcome our dear parents and Franciscan students and we are looking forward to a fantastic school year!