Anthonians Honor the Role of Mary in the History of Salvation

Praying the Holy Rosary has been an influential meed in the daily lives of  every Anthonian.  

Being a summary of the whole gospel,  the biblically-centered devotion , spawns  greater love for Mother Mary – the mediator between man and Jesus –  as the oasis, refuge, and ark of safety and protection. This enkindles in every Anthonian  the priceless values of selflessness, kindness and palpable caring for one another especially in this world marked with coldness and indifference.

To most devotees, every rosary bead recited signifies the offering of a flower  at the foot of Mama Mary through our guardian angels. To the Anthonians, praying the rosary draws them  closer to Our Lady and her Son, Jesus Christ, and that even the pea-sized supplications of their hearts can be heard and answered.