Anthonians Attend Outbound Experience and Spiritual Encounter

It was on the 26th and 30th days of September when Anthonians from Grade 5 to Grade 10 went to Villa De Oro Tagaytay for their Outbound & Spiritual Encounter together with the fellow students of SFAC-Alabang Campus. The first part of the activity is team building followed by moments of reflection.  This was a time where they truly showed how much they’ve learned and how far they’ve grown. During this time the facilitators presented the group with questions to guide them into discovering how these concepts affect their everyday lives. Through many different games and activities, Anthonians were able to build and developed many different skills that may not have been able to elsewhere. It was a great time for them for new experiences and new challenges.

At night, there was an activity that was intended to be a personal encounter with God characterized by meditation, silence, reflection and prayer. It primarily seeks to renew their faith that may have long been practiced but not fully internalized so as to bring about the desired positive transformation in them.