A New Beginning

New Year. New beginning. Its that time to put the freshies in the spotlight again. In the education program, we did just that last Friday, June 22, 2018. Ms. Cynthia Bustamante, Program Director of the School of Education, first welcomed the new students. She discussed the school rules and made the newbies familiarize themselves with the changes in the school system. Right after the Program director spoke, the floor was given to educs adviser, Ms. Brazilla De Vivar together with the senior students.

The orientation commenced with a quiet atmosphere but as the program goes on, so is the students timid personas. With the educ students introducing themselves one by one for everyones benefit, all the activities and games, and the introduction of the current officers. Its really hard not to be cheerful and cooperative amidst the new faces and the new environment.

Introducing the school, orienting the students of the rules and of course, the introduction of freshmen themselves, if I may say so. The Education programs orientation went accordingly well and the word boring did not even pass anyones mind if asked.