STEP 1  Fill-up Application for Admission and Student’s Information Form then submit enrollment requirements at the Admission Office.
STEP 2 Take the entrance examination.
STEP 3 Take the casual interview.
STEP 4 Submit the completed Application for Admission and student’s information form to any of the encoders at the enrollment counters.  For the old students, update your information with any of the encoders.
STEP 5  The final enrollment from will be printed out in 4 copies.  (Student’s copy, Registrar’s copy, Accounting Office’s copy, Principal’s copy)
STEP 6 Settle enrollment fees at the Accounting Office.

1. Form 138 (original)
2. Certificate of Good Moral Character
3. Birth Certificate – NSO authenticated
4. Long brown envelope
5. Learner Reference Number (LRN)



Las Piñas - Main Campus

Basic Education for South Manila Students


With over 30 years of formidable experience, Saint Francis of Assisi College is pursuing programs of instruction grounded on academic, cultural, and sports excellence. Inspired by Saint Francis of Assisi, we believe in nurturing and educating our future leaders by providing them basic education programs for parents and students who are looking for schools in Las Piñas and top schools in South Manila that is guided by rich and responsive curricula, well-trained, experienced and professional faculty, administrators in an atmosphere conducive to excellence.

Aside from the typical classroom setting, we also offer home study programs for Las Piñas and Metro Manila residents. These and other lifelong experiences make up our basic education program.


Programs Offered


Nursery | Pre-Kinder | Kinder


Grade School
Grades 1 to 6


Junior High School
Grades 7 to 10


Senior High School


Research And Science High School

Franciscan Home Study Program



SFAC Campus

Saint Francis of Assisi College