The College of Hotel and Restaurant Management (CHRM) prepares students to be professionals in the field of Hospitality Management, by giving them relevant and timely incorporate emerging technology application, providing global classroom environment to easily adapt to the changing world of business and developing self-confidence through modern communications and upholding the culture of excellence through the Franciscan values of faith and humility.


Envision the pursuit of the College of Hotel and Restaurant’s goal and acquisition of life skills and values formation for the students.



To attain our vision, we commit to:

    • - Develop language and learning strategies, academic, study skills, critical thinking and problem solving skills.
    • - Acquire basic information about the biological World.
    • - Study the composition, structure and properties of matter.
    • - Inculcate Christian values and help strengthen our relationship with the LORD.
    • - Acquire philosophical concepts on the purpose of man, and understand human behavior.
    • - Know the rudiment of economic analysis, principles and policies.
    • - Acquire knowledge of the constitution and privileges of Filipino citizens.
    • - Understand psychological processes.
    • - Explore the entire field of business and management in the enterprise.
    • - Develops skills in computer technology.
    • - Have knowledge in Accounting, Marketing, Business Finance and Business Math.
    • - Train students to become good researchers.
    • - Learn the essential areas of law that are important to Business.







SFAC Campus

Saint Francis of Assisi College