The School of Engineering (SENG) prepare students to be professionals in the field of Computer, Electrical and Electronics Technology by providing them relevant and timely foundation concepts, theories and practices in their respective industries.  It aims to incorporate emerging technology and develop self confidence through current trend of education and uphold the culture of excellence through the Franciscan values of faith and humility.


The School of Engineering (SENG) seek to build a school that excels in Engineering industry by providing quality education with the trust in telecommunication, business industry and information technology.  We aspire to be recognized by industries and government as a premier source of outstanding graduates.



To attain our vision, we commit to:

  • - Provide quality education to students by delivering relevant and up-to-the-date concepts and application in the field of engineering.
  • - Develop professional engineers who possess the Franciscan values and culture of excellence.
  • - Establish industries and government linkages in facilitating transferring of knowledge, and technology innovation that will lead to job creation and economic development.

The Voice and the Heart.

By: Princess Samson

On December 10, 2017, there was an IECEP-MSC Festival 2017 entitled, "MKALI: Be Fearlessly Authentic” at the Student Center Auditorium of Colegio de San Juan de Letran that had a singing competition called “Singing Idol” and our very own 3rd year Engineering student joined and won 1st runner up! Isn't that incredible? Let's get to know this great singer named John Lester Ostia who is also known as "Usher".
He was born on August 10th 1998 and is the 2nd child in a family of 4 children, his mom is an OFW for 11 years who comes home every 2 years and stays for just 2 weeks while his father is a jeepney driver. When he was young, he sings only when no one is around because he's a shy kid and every time he listens to songs that he likes mimicking them.

He narrated how his family discovered his hidden talent. Usher: “One day my Aunt died, so my family and I went to the province. It was unfortunate that my aunt died before her birthday, so while my aunt laid in state for viewing before her burial we celebrated her birthday, we rented a videoke machine and when most people have left I input a song and then started singing. My mom was inside the house and asked "who's singing?" my other aunt says "It's John John" my mom thought it was my cousin who I share the same name with, but yet she saw my cousin in the kitchen and asked again so my aunt said "It's your John John" then my mom rushed outside and hugged me, he said he didn't know that I have such a beautiful voice, it was her first time to hear me sing. Since then she always wants me to sing in a videoke machine.”

Family has a big impact in our lives especially when it comes to overcoming our shyness and developing our hidden talents. All it takes is encouragement and support to make you do what you love to do.


Do you know that it was Usher’s first time in joining a singing competition? And yet he won 1st runner up! He had 6 contenders in the said competition, and he said he got nervous while singing on the stage since it was his first time. Not bad for a first timer, right? Usher also said that his nervousness went away when he saw that everyone was enjoying his performance. He was so happy that his nervousness went away and was replaced by being himself, enjoying what he does. After his performance, the crowd clapped their hands and the judges even gave him a standing ovation.


We all had our own different kinds of ‘first time’ in our lives and I think what matters the most is how we learned from the experience and how we overcome our negative feelings (like nervousness, the fear of not winning, etc.) by just simply being yourself, enjoying every minute of it and who knows right? You can be just like Usher who gained self-confidence and perseverance to improve his talent and do more. If he did it, you can do it too!

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