The School of Engineering (SENG) prepare students to be professionals in the field of Computer, Electrical and Electronics Technology by providing them relevant and timely foundation concepts, theories and practices in their respective industries.  It aims to incorporate emerging technology and develop self confidence through current trend of education and uphold the culture of excellence through the Franciscan values of faith and humility.


The School of Engineering (SENG) seek to build a school that excels in Engineering industry by providing quality education with the trust in telecommunication, business industry and information technology.  We aspire to be recognized by industries and government as a premier source of outstanding graduates.



To attain our vision, we commit to:

  • - Provide quality education to students by delivering relevant and up-to-the-date concepts and application in the field of engineering.
  • - Develop professional engineers who possess the Franciscan values and culture of excellence.
  • - Establish industries and government linkages in facilitating transferring of knowledge, and technology innovation that will lead to job creation and economic development.





SFAC Campus

Saint Francis of Assisi College