COMSOC members were invited in the convention, entitled "IN2Tion: Into IT Convention 2018" The convention was on March 2, 2018 and was held at the Villar Social Institute for Poverty Alleviation and Governance (SIPAG) Center. There were 9 speakers that talked about different things that has connections with Computer technology, these were the list of the speakers and their topics: Mr. Kevin Brian Valmonte - Introducing the world of game development, Ms. Michie Ang - iOS Development using Swift Programming, Mr. Eugene Tay - Business Processes, Mr. Rodel Urani - Internet of Things, Mr. Robert "Bob" Reyes - Mozilla & Rust Programming Language, Engr. Benjz Gerard Sevilla - Philippine Digital Governance Initiatives, Mr. Eleandro Fermindoza - Take a peek to an unknown world: Experience, Create, Explore, Mr. Dan Angelo De Guzman - A.I., Digital Science, Analytics, and Cloud and Dev Ops, Mr. Joshua Lawrence Sebastian - Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.


I would just like to point out the topic that most COMSOC attendees have had a lot of interest with which was the "Mozilla & Rust Programming Language" that was brilliantly expressed and talked about by Mr. Robert "Bob" Reyes. One of the information given by the speaker is that there are Filipinos who have contributed in the development of Mozilla and their names are engraved in the Mozilla Monument in San Francisco which is one of the things that you can be proud being a Filipino.

In2ITion is one of the longest seminar that ComSoc members have ever attended, even though it is long and tiring, the seminar was knowledgeable and even gives nifty encouragement to ComSoc members that leads them to dream further, it’s not only that, they also prepared raffle prizes for lucky attendees that made the event even livelier and enjoyable. There will be an in2ITion 2019 convention next year, come and join!


Princess Samson | March 7, 2018





The College of Computer studies (CCS) is committed to prepare students to be professionals in the field of Information Technology by providing them analytical, technical and communication skills through appropriate concepts, principles, researches and technology development.  Train them to become accustomed to work environment, develop personal integrity and upholding the culture of excellence through the Franciscan values of faith and humility.


The College of computer Studies (CCS) strives to develop information technology professional by providing an educational enterprise with the thrust in software engineering and information management.  We strive to build a college that excels in systems and software development.  We aspire to be recognized by industries and government as a premier source of outstanding graduates.



To attain our vision, we commit to:

  • - Provide quality education to students by delivering relevant and up-to-the-date concepts and application in information technology.
  • - Develop information technology professionals who possess the Franciscan values and culture of excellence.
  • - Establish industries and government linkages in facilitating transferring of knowledge, and technology innovation that will lead to job creation and economic development.





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