Saint Francis of Assisi College
... a sanctuary for value-laden, total quality learning ...

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The goal for schools must remain the education of children. That goal, however, needs to be widened to include a definition of education that reflects the real needs of the youth today – a 'heart-mind' connection of values and quality learning into their educational process.

As a 'sanctuary for value-laden, total quality learning', Saint Francis of Assisi College (SFAC), genuinely strives to respond to this educational mission. SFAC works on the basic premise that the school environment – a sacred, hallowed ground where the flame of brilliance is ignited - is a critical determinant in facilitating the character building, spiritual formation and learning growth of students. The school, thus, safeguards and puts in place this invaluable philosophy by:

  • Establishing students-teachers' aesthetic caring relationship with students by showing support, tenderness, appreciation, offering mentorship, counseling, and holding students to high academic expectations;
  • Creating a 'family-like' environment which enables students more opportunities to form academic and peace support networks with other students and members of the Franciscan community; thus, contributing to the students’ sense of belonging/sense of community;
  • Maintaining a safe-niched, comforting, relatively stress-free school environment protected from negative gang-based peer influences by engaging students in more gainful and transformative school/community projects and activities; and
  • Providing cross-disciplinary fertilization and integration of the great ideals of humanity - the foundation of virtues and values – into the school curriculum to encourage students to explore, discover, celebrate and affirm their unique identities, their realities within and outside school.
By God’s grace and the unwavering commitment of SFAC’s School Founders complemented by the full support of the schools administrators, faculty, staff, parents and students, Saint Francis of Assisi College has a will always remain 'a sanctuary for value-laden, total quality learning'.



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