President’s 30th Anniversary message


Saint Francis of Assisi College is celebrating its 30th Anniversary – its Pearl Anniversary on October 4, 2011.

. . . Like the raw beginnings of a pearl, Saint Francis of Assisi College as a rough grain of sand, transformed over time, slowly growing into an institution of great value;

. . . Like a pearl, SFAC symbolizes the best within itself: purity of heart, wisdom, integrity, modesty, dignity and recognition of simple honest things of life;

. . . Like a pearl, SFAC displays a luster that helps students see themselves and the world they live in, and help improve their self-worth;

. . . Like a pearl, SFAC witnesses to durability which values relationship-building that has grown over a great length of time;

. . . Like a pearl, SFAC emits a unique iridescence as a rainbow symbolic of God’s everlasting covenant with mankind;

. . . Like a pearl, SFAC radiates a magnificent spectrum of light shining through a prism and sustained by vibrant life force of caring and a sense of dedication to provide a value-laden curriculum and quality education.

Our 30th Anniversary indeed brings the magic of pearls! A gem with an amazing past and a still lustrous future. And just as a beautiful pearl is produced from the pain of the oyster, our 30 years of struggles and perseverance to educate and develop learners, many of whom have become and will continue to become leaders in various sectors of our community, has been well rewarded with a precious gift . . . something rare, fine, admirable with a rich Franciscan Culture.

At Saint Francis of Assisi College, we were all benefited . . . we all grew . . . we all learned . . . and, now, we all walk taller and stronger. On October, join us as we embark this great milestone and celebrate the “pearl” Saint Francis of Assisi College has become. Bring your spirit of contribution, one that is contagious, enduring and moves each one of us beyond ourselves. Share this spirit with us. Be a living witness to one another. Share this spirit with us. Be a living testimony to one another of the extravagant graces of God.

I urge you, therefore, to join in, to the full extent that you can, this wonderful years of celebration and grace – Saint Francis of Assisi College’s 30th “Pearl” Anniversary.

God Bless us all!


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