President's Message for School Year 2011 - 2012


Welcome to School Year 2011-2012 . . . Saint Francis of Assisi College’s 30th year of existence comes October 2012!

Towards the end of School Year 2010-2011, there came a prophetic challenge to the school administrators for its students and graduates to be ‘bricklayers’ for the moral and ethical transformation of the nation’s society. Cognizant that the ultimate measure of an institution is not where it stands in moments of comfort or convenience, but where it stands at times of a great challenge, Saint Francis of Assisi College is passionately pursuing this fresh Franciscan vision of reality.

School Year 2011-2011, thus, hopes to be very exciting and rewarding for the entire Franciscan Community. Complementing the school’s ongoing premium-packed, value-laden academic curriculum and its cherished traditions, Saint Francis of Assisi College have set at high gear transformation-directed initiatives and opportunities for such activities while continuing to keep its eyes on the prize of student excellence and achievement. Particularly, the school will recreate structures by which students view themselves and the world authentically, encourage them to chase after the greater good and for the most audacious response to the challenge of the time; engage them in denuding themselves of misshapen values; and, develop a sense of wonder at creation and appreciation for their own lives to be part of a much greater purpose in society.

For three decades now, we, at Saint Francis of Assisi College have been faithful in our commitment to give our students an empowered education that starts them off to determine their future. We have done the best we can and will do more so that our students, their parents and the rest of the community get no less than our excellent service. Let us all persevere to become better than our previous best.

God bless us all!


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