The President . . . at the forefront

madam_orosco_medium I am absolutely delighted to welcome all new and returning students to Saint Francis of Assisi College - a 'Sanctuary for Total, Value-Laden Quality Learning'.

In the school's 28 years of existence, it has always been strongly moved by an appreciative spirit and strength-based leadership style at all levels, conveyed within an environment of caring sensitivity in its delivery of learning excellence and in its breeding of virtuous students. Carved in the heart of every Franciscan is the truth that education is not merely growing knowledge or skills. It is an expression of the natural thirst of the mind and the soul. It is a process of growth; each step building upon the other. It is a process where learners integrate not only facts but attitudes and values as well.

Saint Francis of Assisi College is, first and foremost, about students – their growth and development, their successes and achievements – amid the very rapid and ever-escalating demands for change. And to meet any and all requests for changes, I ask but one, very simple question all the time: "How will the change benefit the students?" The answer always determines the path that the school takes.

For School Year 2010-2011, Saint Francis of Assisi College will risk-takingly tread on new learning pathways complemented by a Corps of highly qualified and dedicated administrators, faculty and support services staff. These would include the school’s broader, more responsive academic program offerings and disciplines; raising the bar of active engagements in competitive intra-/inter-school academic and non-academic sports, cultural and arts activities; opening of short livelihood courses, and increased involvements in community outreaches; among others. All these, I genuinely hope, generate very exciting and transformative lifelong learning experiences.

Let this coming together be a fruitful beginning for all. God bless us all!


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