President's 2014 Welcome Message


A new school year is always an exciting time for all. It presents opportunities for various beginnings – new classes, new faces, new expectations, a busier schedule, more choices, new materials, and sometimes new course programs. It is, likewise, a time for growth, challenge and adventure. It is with great pleasure, thus, that I welcome you back to another year at Saint Francis of Assisi College.

Although we have much to celebrate from our past year – a year that has seen us continue our growth and evolution into a more dynamic, innovative and exciting school, we have much more to look forward to in the year ahead. After months of strategic preparations, we start School Year 2014-2015, and are now well on our way to settling into our campus routines.

At the center of our initiatives are: (1) investment in academic excellence, (2) intensification and improvement of student experiences, (3) enhancement of SFAC’s local and international impact, (4) creation of innovation nexus for research, technology transfer and economic development, (5) expansion of industry and educational partnerships in terms of internships, symposia, etc. to better collaborate, share ideas and work across disciplines, and (6) building primacy in sports and arts, among many others. Already, we are seeing these unfold and come to life in the various activities/ projects that are shaping and reshaping our campuses.

A short recap such as this could not really and possibly capture all or even most of the notable events that mark any academic year at SFAC. Let me just reiterate then that last year was truly a remarkable year. I am enthused with what we have already accomplished, and greatly excited to see how much more we can do this school year.

So, I, on behalf of all the ‘old’ faces at SFAC, welcome the new faces with open hands, open minds and above all, open hearts.


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