Presidents' 2013 Christmas Message

orosco-a-jr_mediumFor unto us a Child is born,
Unto us a Son is given; . . .
And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace . . .

In life’s journey, there are stretches of bad and good roads. No matter which road we take, the only journey is the one within us. Sadness has no place in true reality. And, often, the greatest joy is experienced by giving of ourselves to others for unto us a Child is born . . . a Son is given.

There is no doubt that one of the greatest strengths of Saint Francis of Assisi College as an institution, along with our culture, is in what we (collectively) have done to make a great difference in the lives of others, in being able to help students change their lives. And we celebrate the challenging and significant journeys we have taken in the past year, particularly, in giving scholarships and a variety of discounts.

For year 2013, SFAC has granted academic scholarships for college students (President’s, Vice President’s, and Dean’s List), and for honor students’ in all levels (first honor, second honor, third honor, fourth honor (science section), and fifth honor (science section). SFAC has given public school-aided and government-endorsed scholarships (full) to incoming first year high school and college students through the educational voucher system and Tulong Dunong. Athletic scholarships were also given in basketball, volleyball, skating, golf, badminton and chess. The school has likewise given merit and scholarship grants to the Gintong Lahi dancers, siblings, and drummers and free 6-unit summer courses, bring-in-a-friend and early birds discounts. Industry scholarships were given, such as, the SEEDS Program of Jollibee Foods and Kasambuhay. Scholarships for this year alone have been granted to: 25 Gintong Lahi dancers, 59 high school and college Varsity players (basketball and volleyball), 19 academically qualified college students, 18 drummers, and almost 1500 TESDA students, to name a few.

Naturally, a key to these SFAC 2013 journey are the students’ journeys into roles on and off campus. In the last year, we have given opportunities for students to be engaged in fairs, events, skills presentations, and learning seminars and workshops.

On looking at how we have enhanced these journeys in the last year, I am struck by how our students gave of themselves to local and national communities, supporting and volunteering on a range of projects. This only stands as a testimony to the values and skills of SFAC students who are concerned to make a difference in the world. All these, of course, have been dependent on the professionalism and extra commitment of the SFAC leadership, administrators, teachers and staff. It is through these commitment and dedication that SFAC has been able to deliver heightened levels of service to students. Through hard work, diligence, integrity and devotion, year 2013 has been a year of metamorphosis for SFAC. Next year will definitely bring more challenging journeys to be navigated. I am assured, though, that the school will not only sustain its momentum on the deliverables, but will continue to preserve the spirit of SFAC as a sanctuary for total quality learning that is moved by a ‘bayanihan’ environment of participation and care, of dynamism and respect.

As Christmas is a time of celebration, joy and togetherness, I wish that these sentiments can be enjoyed by the entire Franciscan Community. I hope Year 2014 brings renewed hope, peace and love, revitalized sense of giving, rejuvenated energy and greater success to all.


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