Chairman of the Board's 2013 Welcome Message

orosco-a-sr_mediumInevitably, a short recap such as this could not possibly capture all or even most of the notable events that mark School Year 2012-2013 at Saint Francis of Assisi College. All that can be said is that last year was truly a remarkable year! I am greatly happy with what we accomplished. With our strategic plans guiding our vision of moving forward, I am excited to see how much more we can do in School Year 2013-2014 to come.

As you well know, the challenges of school leadership grow each new academic year. And like most generation of school leaders, we too have to face many changes that come at an extremely rapid pace. But amid all these, there is one thing that remains unchanged: we care. We care about providing a healthy and safe school for our students . . . we care about promoting learning in a technologically rich, value-laden and human nurturing environment. . . we care about providing whatever is necessary for our students to face a future that we cannot yet see or can predict . . . we care about teaching our students to their highest potential. And, at Saint Francis of Assisi College, we strive to do all these and even more.

Welcome to Academic Year 2013-2014 at Saint Francis of Assisi College!


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