SFAC 2013 Welcome Message

Chairman of the Board's Message

mayor_orosco_thumbnailInevitably, a short recap such as this could not possibly capture all or even most of the notable events that mark School Year 2012-2013 at Saint Francis of Assisi College. All that can be said is that last year was truly a remarkable year! I am greatly happy with what we accomplished. With our strategic plans guiding our vision of moving forward, I am excited to see how much more we can do in School Year 2013-2014 to come.

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President's Message

orosco_a_jr_thumbThere is today the rising momentum to transform education. Efforts to make education a student-centric experience are expanding. A blended personal, inventive and meaningful style of learning, adaptive technology and other initiatives are accelerating changes in most schools. And Saint Francis of Assisi College carefully navigated all these areas to come primed for the incoming school year.

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Calendar of Activities

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