Chairman of the Boards' New Year Message

orosco-a-sr_mediumYear 2012 came and passed us with its ups and downs; 2013 will come still with its ups and downs. What is important, however, is that we strongly focus on the ups, and learn from the downs; holding on to what keeps us united and letting go of what divides us. By spending a little more of our time looking up instead of looking down, there is a lot that we can thank God for, one of which, is our being a Franciscan Family.

As we gear up our walk through 2013, let us continue to value our efforts. Let us devote ourselves to a more hopeful future knowing that with faith in God, dedication to excellence and quality service, truthfulness and transparency in our relationships with one another, perseverance and hard work, we shall remain on course. To steer our institution in today’s increasingly chaotic social and economic environment, let us go back to basics and start with fresh resolves - small but meaningful expressions - that we can truly measure our progress toward important goals. Together, let us move forward, step by step, and contribute to the institution’s growth and everyone’s happiness.

I pray that 2013 will be a good one for you and your families. God’s love, peace and joy to you all in the year ahead!

Dr. Arturo A. Orosco, Sr.
Chairman of the Board


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