President's Message


As 2012 drew to a close, I took some time to reflect on what  Saint Francis of Assisi College has accomplished during the past 12 months.   Coming up with quite a long list then, I now take this opportunity to thank everyone – the students, parents, friends, staff, faculty and administrators – who worked hard to advance the school’s vital mission.

This year, we hope to explore new pathways to expand our teaching/learning goals by focusing more sharply than ever on the skills and frameworks of knowledge that today’s students must have to be successful  leaders in the future.   As we have done so in the past three decades, the institution will continue to heighten the transformative work that has characterized the Franciscan’s academic, moral and social impact in the community.   While we maintain a clear and specific view on enhancing the institution’s curricula and programs, we are also aware of the great need to sustain and support our academic thrusts in terms of upgrading technology, improving existing facilities, and give more support for student scholarships.  These are but a few priority programs that we shall pursue this year; more that are being incubated in the  planning board.  I hope we can all work together and bring these to fruition by God’s grace.    

May 2013 open up for you new horizons, fill your hearts with new hopes, and bring you promises of a brighter tomorrow.   Wishing all of you happiness, fulfillment and prosperity in the new year!

Dr. Arturo O. Orosco, Jr.


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