President's Message

Presidents' 2014 Christmas Message

orosco-a-jr_mediumAs our beloved Franciscan community celebrates the Yuletide season, we are all given the perfect opportunity to reflect on the true meaning of sharing.

The secret of our collective success this year lies in how each and every member of our community has selflessly shared valuable time, unparalleled skill, and unrivalled passion. Seeing the display of keen focus and unwavering determination from our fellow Franciscans is an affirmation of how you have shared a part of you in the service of the community. It is truly a noble act of modern-day heroism worthy of our deepest gratitude and appreciation.

We know that this value of selflessness starts from the home and eventually finds it way back to the home. So this Christmas season, it is our fervent wish that you be blessed the way you have blessed our Franciscan community. May you and your loved ones grow in the spirit of love, peace, and generosity – values espoused by Saint Francis of Assisi.

May the season grant us the wishes of our hearts and give us the chance to fulfill the wishes of the people closest to our hearts.

A Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to us all!

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